How to Overcome Separation Anxiety? Follow This Instriction

How to overcome separation anxiety

Separation anxiety is normal in both children and parents when they start childcare. As for children, it is a fear of the unknown, and in relation to parents, it has to do with leaving their children alone for the first time. It occurs at approximately 8 months of age and can last up to 14 months. Next, we will present to you, how to overcome separation anxiety.

How to overcome separation anxiety?

How to overcome separation anxiety
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If you have separated from your partner, try to leave the child with familiar people. You can start by leaving your home for short periods of time and leaving it with trusted family members. Then, you can take him to the house of trusted people to take care of him for a while. In this way, he gets used to interacting with people outside his home.

Say goodbye. Whenever you leave say goodbye with a kiss and remind him that they will see each other shortly. When you go to look for him greet him with euphoria and a kiss. This routine is very important since it gives the child security and confidence that you will always come back for him.

Do not respond to their insistence. Children often cry and scream when they see mothers move away from them. This situation is normal, but you should not rest on the idea that he will stay since over time he will get used to this situation.

Hiding place. The game of hiding and seek allows the child to understand little by little that although he may not always see you, you are there.

Tranquility and serenity. It is important to transmit tranquility to him if we are upset or nervous the children grasp it and become even more anxious. If we transmit serenity to them, they perceive it.

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