How to make your perfect Purple Drank Sizzurp to get high

Purple Drank Sizzurp is a combination of mixed drink that came from a Southern part of the United States Rap culture. It is basically a liquid mixer form of cough syrup (Your syrup has to contain Promethazine and Codeine as they are the key component) and a soft drink such as Sprite (mostly used). You can also use another kind of soft drinks if you want to add more flavors to it.

Alright, now I will give you a secret trick on how to get key ingredients for your desired Purple Drank Sizzurp. Go to your family doctor and tell him that in the middle of the night you wake up and found coughing with blood and you have so much dry throat almost every night. Tell him how bad you feel and convince him to get a prescription that has a cough syrup with promethazine and codeine on it.  Well, that may be the pint you desperately want.

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Classic Purple Drank formula:

  • Cough Syrup including Promethazine and Codeine (as they are the active ingredient).
  • Original Sprite (although now they add different flavors of soda as well).
  • One Jolly Rancher candy for a sweeter flavor and also make it pink.
  • Some ice cubes.

Remember you must have to ensure to use the cough syrup that has Promethazine in it. Take 2 to 8 oz. of syrup to mix with clear sprite.  But if you want to get some other sodas including fruity ones, you can add them as well. I recommended the Fanta as it is my favorite. To add flavor and desired color add one or two Jolly Rancher candy into it and mix it up nicely. At the end add some ice cube to serve in the chill.

Purple Drank has a slightly grapey taste and its color should be purple. Most of the people get crazy to have a sip not just because of its drowsiness affect that it provide, but also the awesome looks and great taste of its. “Come on man, hold on… I have got too much sizzurp in my cup.”

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