All Your Burning Cannabinoids Questions, Answered

Cannabinoids are the most well-known psychoactive compounds in cannabis. They are also responsible for reducing inflammation, pain, anxiety, and nausea. With so many benefits, it is no wonder that cannabinoids are the focus of so much research. But sadly, most cannabinoid production is done through the use of chemical solvents.  However, certain cannabinoid biosynthesis companies, use consistent and pure reproducible processes. Let’s see what they do differently. 

A Sneak Peek Into Cannabinoids

The process of making cannabinoids, the active compounds in cannabis are complex and require many different types of molecules. One of the most important of these is called cannabidiol (CBD), which is the compound that makes people feel high. Most cannabis plants contain a mixture of many different compounds, with large amounts of CBD and little else. The purpose of cannabis is to get people high, but the plant also has many other potential therapeutic uses.

Cannabinoid biosynthesis is a complicated, multi-step process to extract CBD. Common brewer’s yeast is transformed to produce CBD from simple sugars. This type of process does not involve toxic ingredients, chemicals, or pesticides. Cannabinoids are widely used in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and food industries. While it’s always pleasant to use this compound, it’s best to use it in the safest way possible.

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