How to increase productivity effectively: 5 easy solutions

I want to share with you 5 simple solutions on how to increase productivity, quick, and effective in any business, to better manage your time and have more space for you.

The multitasking does not work; the latest research confirms that it is also harmful to the brain, so to handle the ever-increasing daily activity we only have a remedy, learn to manage our time better.

To have what the company proposes to us as indispensable … from the 80’s onwards we have become accustomed to doing more and more and more quickly with the excuse that we must keep up with the times, that we cannot go back otherwise we are cut out. Keep reading: How to alleviate tension with 3 simple exercises.

In any sector, more and more expertise is needed today and an urgent result that in the 1960s would be unattainable and unacceptable to anyone. Everything goes at a crazy speed and here is that running into it alone makes us natural that stress, anxiety, and depression are the diseases of the new millennium. We are not fit to sustain these rhythms of life.

How to increase productivity?how to increase productivity

Even out of work, it is enough to observe the commitments of children who have all afternoons full of long and difficult tasks, and then immediately sports, music, dance, etc. to keep up with their peers. Do we want to talk about moms? If they have the freedom to not work (what’s almost impossible today …) you see her running like a taxi with a chronic delay in the streets of the downtown in utility with smooth tires to pick up their parrots from some lesson of …

Fortunately, there are still grandparents who “despite them” find themselves working even for 70 years doing everything that their children or their spouse cannot quite put on their working days.

If you have not found yourself in these typical examples of today you are lucky, and I assure you that it would be enough to look around to realize how small the time left for people to be.

No, I do not have a solution for all this, but a set of tips you can take to better manage your time and maybe find it for you a bit. That’s it. This is what I can give you if you follow the next directions.

So what do you say, let’s see how you can be more effective and productive in a simple way and take up space for yourself?

This list is applicable to any professional activity but also suited to the tasks you do in parallel every day, you can report it to your activities and reflect on how to implement them in your life. So, know how to increase productivity. Keep reading

1. Get rid of distractions

how to increase productivity

If you have a job to do, you need to stay focused on that activity. Make a list of things that can distract you and get rid of all of these. Distractions make you lose focus and the long time in the care you can avoid.

Calculate the time it takes for each job you make and schedule for each of these, everything you need to do takes some time to be respected and then eliminate the interference.

If you can do this, you will certainly work much more productive. Having nothing to disturb you will be on the job more efficiently. What can you cut off? Phone, Email, Aunt’s Calls, Doorbell etc … Call before you start working that person who supposes you are disturbed, and then turns off your cell phone. You will be surprised at the time you save with this simple rule.

2. Pause

It is not healthy to work uninterruptedly, it is necessary to make frequent breaks. One of the best ways to be productive is to give you break times. Structure your program so you can relax from time to time doing other things for a short while. By pausing, you are forced to better plan your work.

This, in turn, encourages you to use your time more wisely. Give yourself the breaks and you’ll find yourself becoming more productive and the total time of work will decrease. Do you know the Egg timer? … or the Tomato Technique … I use it every time I write a post and I guarantee that it works well for the cervical.

3. Create lists

Lists are a great way to increase your productivity. Create lists of what you have to do and estimate how long you can complete them one by one. You can make a weekly list of commitments to be completed or daily.

how to increase productivity

Having a list of priorities and importance of commitments is much more likely to become productive because you can see what you still have to do, and even what you have already done. This liberates the mind from overloading typical of multitasking and allows you to concentrate better.

Separate everything by prioritizing urgent things and devoting one thing at a time. You could decide in the evening what better to do tomorrow morning and just wake up / to have a plan ready to run.

 4. Reward

A reward always likes everyone. It is human nature. An excellent way to be more productive is to motivate you with rewards. This is especially useful when you have a great task to do; if you need more time to finish your job, giving you small regular maturity awards can help you work better.

Having a little gratification that awaits you makes it work more productive because you have something to do with it that is relatively handy, closer to you. It may seem childish but our mind is still there … with a reward perspective it works tiring less. Would you do your job without a reply back? … Would you like to know if you did not eat it then? …

5. Set realistic goals

It is useful to be productive and productive to be realistic. If you set wildly ambitious goals, you are likely to have no intention of achieving those goals. Dreaming is fine, but the one you are undertaking requires your participation. If you do not believe in it first you will recycle bins yourself so to speak …

how to increase productivity

If you are too big you will end up disappointing yourself with the resulting loss of self-esteem. It, therefore, prepares realistic goals and will have much less pressure on your shoulders. With motivating but realistic goals, you have something more tangible on which to work and decomposing in small steps you will be more focused on things to do. All about emotional intelligence:

Did you expect something more difficult indeed? Something that would make you replicate that it is too complex to keep and that you are destined to always run behind your short time available?

Instead of NO! Often the simplest things are like the keys to the car when you’ve missed it … I’m in front of you but you do not realize why you’re head-to-head with your head. You are in a hurry and since your mind is “mono” you from what you focus on … the haste…

How to increase productivity? By practicing these tips, you can really be more productive and effective, so be faster and free up the time you can invest in things you love to do. This way, your daily well-being increases a lot.

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