How to Protect your Business Premises

Keeping your business premises safe and secure can protect your business from vandalism and burglary – here is how to go about securing your business premises so you can have peace of mind…

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Before you put any plans in place, identify where you are most at risk and where your vulnerabilities are. This involves reviewing how things are done in the workplace and whether there is a way to make it more secure, as well as assessing the premises itself. Are there certain times in the day when the premises are more vulnerable? Are there other buildings nearby that have been the victims of a burglary, and if so, how did the burglars gain access?

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Also assess what you have that could be a target for burglars, and how secure these items are, and how easy would it be for unauthorised people to gain access to the premises? Once you have done this, you will be able to see the areas that you need to make more secure and you will be able to identify what changes you can make to improve things.

Once you know the correct security procedures, you should train your staff on them. For example, what procedures should staff follow when they leave the building to make sure that it is safe and secure? What about confidential data and the way that it is handled, stored and disposed of? Ensure that staff know the correct policies for dealing with confidential and sensitive information, and get a professional company like this confidential shredding Oxford based company to dispose of any confidential paperwork or electronic equipment such as hard drives, that are no longer required.

Training staff regularly on the correct procedures will ensure that it stays fresh in everyone’s minds.

What equipment can you get to help you to make the premises more secure? CCTV cameras are a great way to keep an eye on the place when there is nobody physically on the site, and alarm systems also work well as a visual deterrent as well as alerting people to any unauthorised people entering the property.

Keeping a record of who is coming and going is also important for security reasons – nowadays there are lots of computerised sign in systems which makes this easy to manage and monitor.

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