Good habits for being good since morning

We talked in our last post about how to start the day from the standpoint of self-esteem. Today, always with the aim of introducing small, constant improvements in our lives, we talk about how to start the day with good eating habits and more. What to do from the moment we open our eyes to help us get engaged in the right course and why not, with pleasure, our daily journey of thousands of adventures. Since I am not a nutritionist, I leave them the job of specifying the most suitable foods, so here we are concerned about what are the healthy habits to be good and feel fit so we can give us the best of us during the day.

As usual, we start from the evolutionist point of view and step back two steps up to 50,000 years ago, where our ancestor, the primitive man, stood up in the morning and started his struggle for survival from there. Even today, this struggle is current, only that our organism is still “set” on that kind of survival, food and defensiveness, while our cognitive mind has to face a more complicated survival, if we want: a mix of cultural, social survival finally biological. However, so much, so we take what goes through the convent and learn to live with whom we are today.

So, we were saying, we’re up to the awakening in the morning. We see the most particular habits: there are those who get up and how to turn on the first cigarette “that smokes a bit of cough in your throat” or who, as a first thing, makes a nice hot coffee or does not eat anything because in the morning stomach is closed. In short, there is for all tastes. But are these habits good? Are they healthy? Or, to say more to coach,

So let’s get out of here. At night, our metabolism slows down. We breathe more slowly and more superficial. We do not get hydrated. The night serves to rest; it serves the body not only to recover energy, but also to do the general check-up: repair the damage and let us share the next day in the best physical and mental conditions.

Smoking in the morning? That’s not good! Not even the rest of the day, to tell the truth. To drink a freshly caught coffee first? Better not. Ingredient the brioches full of butter. No. Stay Fast? That’s no good. Bumping into the street without the time to breathe? No good!

So? Well in the morning, it is about reactivating metabolism, oxygenating the body and rehydrating it after a long night. It is about giving signals to the immune system that is all at its best. It is to transmit to our intestines and stomach that there is food in quantity, so the signal they are going to be will not bother, not having to trigger restrictions, but to be exaggerated by the consumption of energy because there is in abundance.

The premise from which we start is that we are still today as our progenitors 50,000 years ago. So our organism still applies the same procedures: poor food = slowing consumption; abundant food = today we snakes, we consume without problems; eating abundantly serves to accumulate reserves for the moments of famine; movement = life, because we were born to run, to move.

Some stops to consider to start well in the morning …

  • Get oxygenated: After a long night it is useful to make deep breaths, say a dozen may well go, to resume “contact” with ourselves and to oxygenate the body; better with a nice open window (be careful these days in the cold!);
  • Hydrate: A nice glass of fresh water in the morning to give the body some healthy liquid after the night;
  • Reactivate the muscles: The famous stretching, even bland, for a few minutes is used to stretch the muscles, reactivate them, improve circulation; do you notice during the holidays the famous “morning revival” in the villages? Here’s something like that, even standing, if the case;
  • A bit of gymnastics to the muscles of the face and shoulders: It serves to relax our expression (often already pissed in the morning) and to relax muscles of the shoulders and neck, often thinned by strange postures taken in the office in front of the computer or on the chair in front of the TV;
  • Give a good message to our immune system starting from picking some fresh and colorful fruit as a first thing: kiwi, orange juice, red fruits, banana;
  • No sugary jam, no sugar in the coffee (it would be better), no brioches or frostbite (rich in fat and poor nutrition), no bacon, bacon and fried eggs;
  • Yeast instead of sugar-free jam, whole grain bread (true) or the like, and non-sugary drinks, rice milk or soy;
  • Yes almonds, nuts, hazelnuts, rich in protein that our organism cannot produce on its own;
  • Ok at coffee (good and no sugar would be better);
  • No television in the morning! First, because the news is just a source of tragedies, disasters, taxes and is the best way to start with anxiety and stress; if you just do not keep it away from you remote control look at Happy Days or the Bradford or Love Boat family or a nice cartoon with your kids; all better than the news!
  • Great movement: A nice swim in the pool before going to work; two steps before entering the office; walking stairs instead of lift etc.;
  • Start with a little gratification not bad: The magazine I like; the right bar where I sit 5 minutes to have a good coffee; two steps to see me the shops or, for those who are lucky to live at the sea, to look at me two waves.

As you see, it is a matter of good habits. It is only at the beginning a little difficult because we have to introduce new things but after a few days those new ones will become our new travel companions and you cannot do it anymore and the well-being will thank you!

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