How can you keep birds away from your TV aerial?

If you’re struggling with birds landing on your TV aerial and damaging the reception, you can install bird spikes to keep them away. Bird spikes are safe and don’t harm birds, but they are also very effective. Read on to find out more.

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What are bird spikes?

Nesting birds can cause havoc on your TV reception. But bird spikes are a great way to prevent birds from nesting in the first place, and they are legal to install – unlike removing an active bird’s nest which can be illegal. Bird spikes are, as the name suggests, a spiky section of plastic or metal that sits on a surface to discourage birds from landing in that area.

How to install bird spikes

In the same way that TV aerial installation Cheltenham can be dangerous to attempt by yourself, installing bird spikes can be dangerous because you need to climb a ladder and work at a height. A specialist provider of TV aerial installation in Cheltenham will also be able to install these preventative spikes.

Clean the area so that there are no bird droppings that can compromise the installation. Then, add a generous layer of silicone to the base of the spikes. You may need to apply extra silicone to the location area if it is uneven or spiky.

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Press the spikes in and down firmly, ensuring that the relevant area of roofing is well covered. If the roof is at all wonky or the joint is not secure, screw the spikes down so that they are firmly secured. You can also apply more than one row of spikes to ensure the full area is protected. If any spikes are sticking out of the installation area, simply snap them off.

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