How to alleviate tension with 3 simple exercises

How to alleviate tension with 3 simple exercises

Daily life sometimes subjects us to too many obligations, to situations that fill us with worries and that, in turn, end up manifesting in our body. Tensions in our neck, nerves in the stomach, headaches, tension in the jaw surely it has happened to you sometime. In this post, we will discuss how to alleviate tension with 3 simple exercises.

3 exercises to alleviate tension

alleviate tension

  • Relieve nerves while we are at work
  • Relieve knotted nerves in the stomach
  • Release tension in the head and jaw
  1. Relieve nerves while we are at work:

Sometimes, we do not have the opportunity to take a breath, to go out and stretch our legs and mentally disconnect from our obligations. We are in a space from which we cannot escape, no matter what the work is. We can be for example in a meeting with relatives or traveling by train moments in which, for whatever reasons, we feel full of nerves and tensions. Keep reading:  Smiling more to live a stress free life.

Stay seated in the chair, with your back straight, with both feet flat on the floor.

Now place your hands on the belly, just a little above the navel.

Now comes the most important moment, we will begin to take a breath very slowly through the nose, relaxing the belly, noticing how it is inflated very little by little with each breath. Notice it as if it were a small balloon under your hands. Something fragile but that offers you relief at the same time.

Next, we will release the air little bit, at the same time that we contract our belly a bit. The important thing about this process is that you concentrate on your own breathing, on inspiring and expiring.

We will repeat it 20 times, in this way our whole body is relaxed, forcing our heart to pump regularly, thus releasing any tension. Test it.

  1. Relieve knotted nerves in the stomach:

It is very common that we accumulate nerves and tensions in the stomach. It is often said that this is where our “second brain” is centered. In fact, both systems are intimately connected, hence it is so common to situations of stress or very sharp nerves to feel nauseous or lose the desire to eat. We teach you how to find relief.

We will stand up, and the first thing we will do is take a breath to notice how our belly swells. (as in the previous exercise). But once you’ve taken that first inspiration, hold it. Hold your breath for 5 seconds. We will do this to immobilize the spleen, where a large part of our nerves is also concentrated. Keep reading the belly

Now release the air little by little, at the same time that you slowly raise your shoulders. In this way, we also stretch the ribs forcing part of our respiratory system to move.

Repeat this simple process 10 times. It’s all about taking air, holding it and lifting your shoulders for a few seconds. But we guarantee that it is very effective for any time. Check also:

  1. Release tension in the head and jaw:

It happens very often. The worries, the anxiety, the stress at a given moment, can tighten the nerves of our face. Those are the days when we feel pain in our temples and jaws slightly tightened. A very common sensation and that surely you have suffered sometimes. How can we alleviate it? We explain it to you.

This exercise should be done at home, once you have arrived and you have taken a relaxing bath.

Lie on the couch, with your legs slightly higher than your body, in this way we will favor the correct circulation.

Now let’s concentrate on the area of the forehead and temples, we will try to relieve the nerves in this area. For this, what we will do is raise the eyebrows, keeping this gesture for 10 seconds. Then relax.

alleviate tension

Now take your hand to the area of your nasal septum, just where the glasses are usually attached. With your index finger and thumb start massaging this area putting your fingers in the tear of the eyes. Circular massage. This area is very sensitive since it radiates a large part of our circulation to the face.

Let’s now go to the area of the jaws, we will release tensions in this area. What we will do is close your mouth and force your tongue against your teeth, as if you were pushing them. All right, do it for 15 seconds.

Now, let’s smile, in a much-exaggerated way. This simple exercise forces us to move a lot of facial muscles. After holding this smile for 10 seconds, close your mouth and contract your lips, strongly, for about 5 seconds.

This simple cycle we will repeat it 8 times: close your mouth push your tongue against your teeth smile purse your lips.

You will see how you are finding relief, eliminating tensions and nerves. Do not miss the opportunity to try these simple exercises.

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