How to Make a Home Tooth Whitening

If you are looking for documentation on how to do a home dental whitening, first of all read carefully all the information we have about performing this type of treatment in a homemade way and without any type of revision by a specialist dentist.

In this way you will be consistent with the actual results regarding your expectations and you will not take any deception.

We start!

And the best way we can think of is indicating all the options you have and what you can expect from each of them:

Active charcoal

This method does work but beware! Because it can be very dangerous and we explain it to you.

You have to be very careful when using it because it is a very hard asset and if you rub it too hard on the teeth you can end up completely removing the enamel from the teeth.

But there is also the danger that inactive traces appear in the active charcoal mixture, which are toxic and detrimental to health.

Careful where you acquire the product so that it complies with all the guarantees and care as you manage it.

Of course, you do not have to abuse it either because in the long run what you will be doing is eliminating tooth enamel a little bit at a time.

To know more information we did a scientific research on the charcoal powder for teeth whitening that you can read to know more about it.

Use of fruits

Here we find the banana and the lemon.

In the first case we would use the internal part of the banana peel to rub with our teeth for at least two minutes; and this is supposed to help whiten our teeth after repeating it countless times.

It really does not work and you will not see any change. The only thing that could help you “tear out” certain particles from your teeth and believe you then whiten. But without more …

In the case of lemon we have two options, one is to use its peel as in the case of banana and the other its juice, which must be mixed with water in equal parts to lower its level of acidity.

Acidity that is very harmful to the enamel of the teeth if it is used frequently, besides that it also produces cavities.

So we strongly discourage the use of lemon in any of its variants, because not very long term you will have serious problems and your teeth will not have bleached.

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