Three Common Reasons for Neighbours Arguing

Most people have at least one next door neighbour and although most neighbours get on well, living closely together and having differing points of views and lifestyles can sometimes lead to disputes between neighbours.

There are many reasons why neighbours can sometimes fall out, but here are three of the most common reasons for neighbours fighting…

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Noise – When you live closely together, especially in a town or a city, there are all sorts of sounds that are going to be normal in the neighbourhood. However, excessive noises such as loud shouting on a regular basis and loud music playing can be more than just a background noise and tip over into antisocial behaviour, particularly late at night and early in the morning.

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Boundaries and Fencing – Something that can often cause huge rifts between neighbours are boundaries and fences. This could be fence damage, responsibility for fences or one neighbour wanting to replace a fence. When you want to replace a fence, it is always best to speak to your neighbour beforehand even when it is your fence, and get a professional like this fencing Gloucester based company to put it up properly.

Damage to Property – Accidents happen and that is part of life, but sometimes property damage whether accidental or not can cause disputes between neighbours. Living in such close proximity of course makes it more likely that an accident can happen and anything from a cricket ball smashing into a greenhouse to a car bump can cause these sorts of arguments.

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