Sedative effects of Kratom

Although alkaloid in plants in the structure closer to the psychedelic, they can not cause hallucinations. Rather, the effect similar to the effects of Kratom opiate herbs. Mitragynine addict is able to suppress the urge to use opiates but to fully replace nalorphine can not.

During exposure to these substances in the human brain is very active stimulation of mu and delta – receptors. In small doses, mitragynine also affects how yohimbine. If the dose is increased, and an increasing effect on all the receptors. As a result, the mu-receptors are opiate dependence. The brain begins to work in such a way as to get as much of mitragynine. At the same time, the person feels has very strong feelings and euphoria, which can be compared with taking morphine. Learn more about kratom here

Mitragynine also affects sedative on the body, reducing muscle tone, muscle relaxing and obezbolivaya. Sharply falling activity of the central nervous system. Among the distinct effects: dry mouth, loss of appetite, frequent urge to the toilet, constipation. But unlike a number of opiate drugs, mitragynine does not happen after the vomiting and nausea. And in the case of overdose or abuse is possible only prolonged sleep. Among the side effects of prolonged use are weight loss, anorexia, insomnia, darkening of the skin, sunken cheeks, making a face like a patient with hepatitis. About 30% are addicted to Kratom admitted that they do not feel sexual arousal in mind that drink alcohol to make myself a little bit.

In addition, it was found 5 people who are in a very unstable mental state. Although it is impossible to accurately determine whether the cause of Kratom consumption. When avoiding drugs avid told that became hostile, aggressive, experienced fatigue, severe depression, pain in bones and muscles, facial sweating, limping and staggering. Observations of the effect of this plant, as well as the views of the Thais in this regard, are very contradictory.

For example, some say that in small quantities Kratom has a sedative effect and in large – stimulating, others believe exactly the opposite. The first symptoms appear after 10 minutes after administration and are only a couple of hours. He feels a person other than a surge of strength, happiness, faith in themselves and the work that a person begins to perform, do not leave for a long time. The mind is in a calm and relaxed state.

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