The different use of kratom

Most often it is a narcotic plant consumed by chewing the leaves. In addition, kratom leaves are crushed, eaten fresh or dried form, make the infusion. The leaves are added to alcoholic drinks, tea making, smoke them, also can be isolated from an extract of the young shoots, resulting in a resin.

The resin is prepared after repeated digestion in water, tree leaves, and then from the mass, which is obtained with the help of small balls of flour rolled. They can be stored for a long time before they are eaten. Smolny balls are the most popular way to consume food kratom. Find out more on click here.

Often this drug user is the peasants, workers and farmers to brighten up their everyday life and hard working day. Women take the leaves are very rare. The studies did not give a clear answer on the availability, depending on the plants in the villages where the practice of their method: according to some scientists, the dependence is, but others claim that there is.

Probably when the drug dose is high enough, and consumption is frequent, it acts on receptors and humans still occurs addiction. Speaking about the farmers, there are those who chew gum 3-10 times a day, while the novice enough only a few leaves to obtain the desired effect. Some of whom could be attributed to the particularly dependent individuals, increase the dose to 30 leaves every day. What also it is not the limit.

However, in some parts of the state parents prefer to give their daughter in marriage to the one who uses kratom rather than, for example, for a smoker of cannabis. This is due to the fact that consuming kratom is considered diligent workers, and marijuana smokers – and lazy gluttons. This myth created by the kratom consumers inform all that chew kratom to improve efficiency as it increases the strength and desire to work.

In August 1943, the Thai government issued a decree on kratom consumption. Of course, they could not approve a law to cut down the narcotic plant completely, but the decision was an act which states that the tree grew illegally. Surplus cut down trees, and the funds from the sale go to support dependent on kratom. Today the situation is such that the Thai law puts this plant dope on a par with heroin and cocaine. In fact, to the consumers of this substance in the state are more loyal. As with any law of this kind, the prohibition of tree kratom has caused an increase in its price on the black market. Often people use kratom fellow – Mitragyna speciosa as a legal alternative, but this is less effective entheogen.

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