5 legal herbs that can be evaporated in the vaporizer

We would like to introduce you here 5 legal psychoactive herbs, which can be evaporated with good results in the vaporizer.

Vaporizers will become a growing issue in the ethnobotany and herbs scene. This is mainly due to the growing interest in the evaporation of herbs.

1. Kratom

Kratom or Mitragyna speciosa is a sedative, soothing plant. It is normally used as a tea as an herbal sleeping and soothing agent, but it can also be vaporized very well. You can find Kratom leaves for sale simply search online. For this purpose, the dried and extracted Kratom leaves is placed in the vaporizer and temperature is set at 200-230° C. At this temperature most active ingredients of the Kratom leaves should evaporate. The taste of smoking Kratom is very pleasant but slightly bitter. There is also a psychoactive effect: you feel relaxed and easily sedated!

2. Blue Lotus

The Blue Lotus is a rare, rather unknown psychoactive plant. It has a spiritual and spiritual effect and can be used perfectly before meditating. The taste is pleasant and especially, vaporized, this comes much better than if one would smoke blue lotus. In order to vaporize this plant, the crushed, dried plant parts are placed in the vaporizer and the temperature is set at 100-130° C.

3. Peppermint

The peppermint does not have any significant psychoactive effects but mild relaxation, but it has a very positive effect on the respiratory tract and it is worth it to vaporize the peppermint. The typical minty taste of the tea is also found in the steam of this mint variety. For colds and other irritations of the upper respiratory tract, the inhalation of the vapor may be beneficial. To make the vaporization possible, the crushed, dried plant material is placed in the vaporizer and temperature is set at 150-180° C.

4. Damiana

Damiana is a medicinal herb with psychoactive effects from Mexico. Because of its pleasant, interesting taste, it is also used as a smoker’s cabbage. Damiana is found in various herbal mixtures, which is used either as a tobacco pack or as a psychoactive smoke mixture. Damiana is very well mixed with other herbs and psychoactive plants. The taste is good not only by smoking but also by evaporation, and also the psychoactive effect is very clearly felt during evaporation. It is easily stimulating, the perception/consciousness is altered and aphrodisiac effects are often heard. To vaporized Damianá, the crushed, dried herb is placed in the vaporizer and temperature is set at 170-200° C.

5. Green tea

Green tea is representative of all caffeinated plants in this list. Vaporizing this has a very clear effect of not having to hide in front of a cup of coffee or an energy drink! The effect of caffeine and theobromine causes inhaled about 30-60 minutes an increase in alertness, stimulation, and enhancement of performance. Green tea is also an excellent steam herb. The slightly bitter, fine-bodied note that everyone knows from the characteristic green tea also saves itself into the steam of this plant. Of course, you can also use black tea; this is the roasted version of Camellia sinensis. According to our own experience, green tea is better suited for vaporization because of the taste. To evaporate Camellia sinensis, add the crushed (but not powdered) tea into the vaporizer and set the temperature to 170-185° C.

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